Jitsk Heyninck is a 25 year old chocolatier who has travelled the world with his chocolate creations. He has a passion for pure flavours, as a passionate and ambitious master chocolatier. Jitsk was the youngest chocolatier to participate with the World Expo in Shanghai, China in 2009. He took part again two years later in Seoul in Korea and travelled around the world for Chocolate World, a producer of praline moulds and machines. From Qatar across Kyrgyzstan and Australia.


The Antwerp brewery hasn’t just been busy brewing during recent times, but the building has also been subjected to some renovation work. Walls have been demolished and new spaces created. These spaces now welcome craftsmen with a passion for their profession. Jitsk is now also one of the ones breathing new life into the brewery. After conquering numerous other countries, he now feels it’s time for the next stop: Antwerp. In addition to being the location for a second shop, this beautiful building also serves as a chocolate studio.


Jitsk only ever works with the very best ingredients and always via small-scale, passionate suppliers. Each and every ingredient is combined with the greatest passion and respect, allowing it to fully come into its own. It’s therefore no surprise Jitsk represents top quality and authentic chocolate products. This is how the brand stands out from its competitors: no unnecessary splendour, but a true love for the product and craftsmanship.


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+32 486 23 50 02

Stadsbrouwerij De Koninck, Boomgaardstraat 1, 2018 Antwerp


from Tuesday to Saturday form 10:00 to 18:30 hours / Sunday from 9:00 to 13:00 hours