Our flavours

Our chocolates are manufactured with the highest attention to quality and flavour. Our collection consists of forty varieties. Onze pralines worden vervaardigd met de hoogste aandacht voor kwaliteit en smaak. Onze collectie bestaat uit een 40-tal smaken.


Ginger - Lime

Koffie - Karamel

 Coconut coffee spices

Honey - Almond

Blackcurrant - Black pepper

Raspberry - Marzipan

 Cacao Karamel

Caramel - Seasalt

 Rum - Miso - Yuzu

Gin Tonic

Lemon - Bayleaf

Marzipan - Citrus zest

 Hazelnoot - Citrus

Mango - Yuzu 

Caramel - Seasalt - Thyme

Tonka Caramel

Brhum - Ginger 

Elixir'd Anvers - Quince

 Timut pepper

Pompoen - Vanille

Venkel - Citroen

Matcha - Bergamot

Earl grey - violet


Cherry - Vanilla

Cinnamon blossom

Rhum - Tonka

Coffee shot

Sea buckthorn

Herbs Indonesia 


Rosemary - Fleur de sel 



Hazelnut Piemonte milk

Hazelnut Piemonte dark

Sesame - Almond

Orange - Saffron



Portant pralines

We collaborate with other creatives on a regular basis. This enables us to join our knowledge and expertise in creating an innovative and delicious new product. 

Together with restaurant The London and the Port of Antwerp we recently created custom made chocolates in the shape of the iconic Antwerp Porthouse.

Together with 

Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding
Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding

Jitsk x Duvel x Studio Pieter Stockmans

Authentic masters of their craft, inspired by character, passion and quality. It’s pretty obvious why we chose to collaborate with these partners: the design by Studio Pieter Stockmans, the outstanding chocolates made by Jitsk, and the very best flavours of Duvel beer. These three separate crafts came together to create a unique combination in the form of the Duvel chocolates.